What is the SIT Conference?

SIT is a conference presented by Higher Education and K-12 School Districts to provide a forum where students in grades 3-12 can demonstrate technology tools and skills they have learned in school or that they are interested in.

How could I run a SIT Conference in my own community?

Email sitconference1@gmail.com to request a copy of the SIT Playbook!

When is the SIT Conference?

The 2023 Students Involved with Technology Conference at Bloomington Jr High School is APril 29, 2023

Do presenters need a sponsor?

Yes. The sponsor’s role is to make sure the presenter is well-prepared to give their presentation. They are also in the room during the presentation in case the presenter needs assistance.

Do sponsors have to register? Is there a fee for them to register?

Yes. Sponsors need to register for the conference. They are also charged the conference registration fee. As a sponsor they will receive a conference shirt, bag, lunch and snack. They are not eligible for SIT prizes.

Can parents attend?

SIT is conference by students for students. 

Can I bring a child that is younger than 3rd grade?

No. Due to the nature of the conference, it is not geared for younger children.

What if I want to come see my child’s presentation?


Do I have to sign up in advance?

Yes. If you want to attend the conference you need to register before the deadline. No on-site registration is accepted.

Is SIT fun?

Yes, it is! The conference has been happening for more than 20 years – would anyone still be coming if it wasn’t fun?!? 

What topics are going to be presented?

Topics vary from year to year. We don’t know what the current topics will be until registration is complete. Consider visiting the Media page to see videos of previous conferences.  

What will we eat?

Contents of the snack bags are typically a granola bar, chewy fruit snacks, chocolate, candy and bottled water. Lunch will be a sandwich (variety selected during registration from choice of gondola or veggie gondola), chips, cookie and bottled water.

What about peanut allergies?

We generally avoid all overt peanut items for food served at the conference. However, there is no guarantee that the food at the conference does not come in contact with peanuts in some way, shape or form along its way to our event as it is produced, packaged, processed and served. If your child has a severe peanut allergy, please fill out the conference registration form carefully and please consider sending your own (safe) food items for them (see “What Will We Eat” above for information on what we will be serving). We would be happy to refrigerate food you send with your child, if needed.

What about food allergies?

If your child has a severe food allergy, please fill out the conference registration form carefully and please consider sending your own (safe) food items for them (see “What Will We Eat” above for information on what we will be serving). When in doubt, please send a lunch with your child. We would be happy to refrigerate food you send with your child, if needed.

I want to present … but I’m not sure what to do!?!

Pick a technology-related topic you are familiar with or really interested in. Write out a short description of what you’d like to share with or show to your peers during a 25 minute presentation. Fill out the presenter section on the registration form with this description and your presentation title. Turn in the registration form and you’ll get more information closer to the conference about when your presentation is scheduled. If you have any special facility-based technology needs for your presentation, include that on your registration form and you’ll be contacted by a person from the conference committee. 

Is there a limit to the number of Presenters in a group?

Yes. There is a maximum of 4 presenters to a group.

Is there a limit to the number of Sponsors for a group?

Yes. There is a limit of 1 Sponsor per group. Any other adults assisting with presentation will need to register as an Adult Participant.

What do I need to know about giving my presentation?

Now that you’ve registered with a description and title for your presentation, it’s time to do the rest! Write and outline for your presentation. Do you want to use PowerPoint? Include some neat visuals in your presentation. Are these real objects you want to show or are they pictures or are they on the Internet? Do you want to do hands on activity during your presentation – let us know so that we can schedule you into the right type of room?!? Practice, practice, practice! If you have handouts, make 25 copies (just in case your topic is popular!).

What actually happens on a typical conference day?

Kids are dropped off at the conference location between 8:00-8:30AM. First, kids go through “check-in” to get their nametag, shirt, conference schedule book, etc. Once checked-in, kids head towards the location of the opening session; while they wait for it to start, they look over the conference schedule book to make final choices on which sessions they would like to attend throughout the day. Everyone at the conference watches the opening session. When the opening session finishes, all kids head for their first session. After the first session, everyone breaks for snack. After snack, everyone heads into 3 more sessions. Lunch is scheduled for everyone from 11:50-12:20PM. There will two more sessions after lunch. The closing session is scheduled from 1:30-2:00P. When the closing session is over, students will be directed to leave the same way they entered the conference.

There are so many topics being presented during each session. How do the kids know which one to attend?

There may be between 10-26 presentations offered during each session; this means that a child needs to choose which of the 10-26 presentations to attend during RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE AND PURPLE. Kids should choose the presentation they most want to see. (Please be warned that occasionally there are presentations requiring preregistration at the time of initial registration.) If presentations are too full (or even cancelled for some reason), then volunteers will help kids select another presentation.

As a parent, how can I help my child select presentations to attend?

The presentation schedule is set shortly after registration for the conference ends. Our goal is to have the presentation schedule posted one week before the conference.

I can’t afford my child’s registration fee…

Please see you students school principal.

Oh, no – the conference has been cancelled (low registration, bad weather, etc..). What should I do?

You do not need to do anything!  We will be contacting you!